What Is the LazyList Folder in Android?

Mobile phones are a very useful commodity in our busy day-to-day life, as they juggle between our work and entertainment. However, although we use them every day, we rarely come across face to face with our phone’s files and folder management system and how it works.

While fiddling with your android devices, you might come across some mysterious files or folders. They might look irrelevant to you, so you might be wondering whether if it’s ok to delete them or not. As android creates each folder with its own purpose, deleting some could cause a serious error with apps or services.

If you decide to delete a certain folder, it might get recreated by the system as some apps use it to store data. LazyList is one such folder created by android. If you have come across the LazyList folder and decide to dig in and deal with it yourself, then here’s what you need to know about the LazyList folder.

What is the LazyList Folder in Android?

Example of LazyList Folder in Android

LazyList is a folder that android creates to store cached image files later to be used by the apps instead of getting from the server every time, which is very useful, as it allows apps to load faster, save bandwidth, and mobile data.

Is it Ok to Delete the LazyList Folder?

Deleting LazyList folders is perfectly fine and causes no harm to the applications on your android device. But as it stores cache image files for all apps on your phone, the system automatically creates a new one as soon as you delete it. So it’s probably better to leave it alone.