How to Change Default Video Player On Android

Most Android phones usually come with a video player pre-installed on the devices as a system app. But, unfortunately, by many users’ experiences, the default player isn’t the best video player when it comes to giving you the best viewing experience when watching a video from your phone gallery.

The reason being is that the Android-native default video player comes with basic controls and lacks several features such as support for certain video formats, network stream, and many more. As a result, people often turn to third-party video players instead of the Android-native video player.

If you are also bored of your in-built video player and want to switch to the third-party video player app but don’t know which one is good and how to set one as a default video player in Android, then worry not. The below guide will show you how to change the default video player on Android.

Installing Preferred Video Player App from Google Play Store

Before we start, if you are changing to a third-party video player, here are some popular video player apps on Google Play Store to consider.

1. VLC for Android

VLC for Android

2. MX Player

MX Player

3. KMPlayer


4. Video Player – XPlayer

Video Player - XPlayer

Steps to Change Default Video Player From Setting:

1. Open Settings and tap on Apps and then tap on Manage apps.

Steps to Change Default Video Player From Setting

2. In Manage apps, tap on three dots and then tap on Default apps.

Steps to Change Default Video Player From Setting

3. Now look for Play video, tap on it, choose your preferred video player you have installed from the Google Play store, and tap on it.

Steps to Change Default Video Player From Setting

4. Once done close the Settings and now your videos will play on the selected video player.

Note: The Settings layout may be slightly different in various Android versions, but the general steps mentioned above should be similar for most.